A Mission Venture to The 48

Before, during and after the mission you’ll be fueled by Youthmark’s esteemed resources while being relationally ushered by our partners at Youth Missions International (YMI). When you choose a Mission Venture to The 48 your team will experience a unique mix of service opportunities and relational outreach ministries. A typical day on a Mission Venture isn't typical, they are exceptional!

Nothing has prepared us more for living on mission at home more than one of these Mission Ventures... my students are now living Mission51!Ben Potloff, Dallas, Oregon

Our goal is to partner your group with a local church which will become your home base for the week. Sunday school rooms transform to bedrooms, the foyer becomes your family room and the kitchen, well it remains as the kitchen! You’re team will truly become a family in this setting. All the while you’ll partner with the people in this local church as they often provide many of your meals (typically dinner).

We’ve provided a sample schedule below, but essentially your entire Mission Venture is customizable! Check out the “Trip Building Tool” at YMI!

Morning (Kids and Community Service)

Many of our teams will participate in leading a Sports Camp or VBS (curriculum included in our fantastic rates) for the kids in the community. For teams not doing a VBS/Sports Camp or for larger teams a portion of your group will participate in some much needed community service opportunities.

Afternoon (Community Service and Canvassing)

The afternoon is typically divided between service opportunities, personal study and canvassing the community. “What’s canvassing?” you may ask. Great question! Because many of our "48 Teams" are serving in small towns, peer-to-peer opportunities pop up at every corner. When team members spend time in-town (doing a RoadGrip devotional at a coffee shop, prayer walking near the park, or simply sitting out in front of the ice cream shop) you’ll often see other teens from the community. Invitations are given to the locals to join the team at the park in the evening.

Evening (Youth Outreach)

After a scrumptious dinner that the partnering church shares with your group, you’ll head to a local park or school and interact with the teens that have met there. The number of young adults will typically grow each night as word spreads throughout the community. High participation games like Ultimate, Rabbit Sticks, Kickball, Football or Soccer provide the opportunity for positive interactions that build relationships. During a 10-15 minute break in the action and while teens are getting some refreshments you’ll invite a student or two to share his/her testimonies of faith in Christ. They will be sharing the Gospel when they share their stories!

The entire day becomes somewhat of free-flowing outreach. Many of the locals will begin to spend the entire day with you, including some coming back to the church and participating in your evening “family time” (debrief of the day). It’s so exciting to know that you’re planting home-missionaries for Mission51 to take place after you leave the community!

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