The Strategy Pack
Leaders Guide, Mission Prep Workbook, RoadGrip and HomeBase

Strategy Plus Pack
Leaders Guide, Mission Prep Workbook, RoadGrip, HomeBase and Mission Venture Consulting Appointments

Mission51 Retreat
24 Hour Everyday Evangelism training event at a Camp or Church venue.

Mission Prep Workbook
10 studies, 10 Application Activities (POD's), and 10 Leader Outlines (with companion leader guide*)

Guided topical studies (typically 15-30 minutes) for mission venture participants.

Companion study to RoadGrip for family members back home

18 Modern day fable and studies through book/books of Scripture, ideal for post mission/camp/retreat

Mission51 TriPack
Mission Trip Resources Bundle. Includes: RoadGrip, HomeBase and Merge.

21 day prayer partnership between student and adult mentor.

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