Mission51We’re excited with the success of Mission51 - a youth ministry strategy focused not just on the one-week venture but also on the other 51 weeks of the year. Youthmark’s innovative strategy is a plan for total training: before, during and after the mission, camp or retreat!

The Youthmark mission training strategy has come from the idea that we don’t want a team to plan a trip to generate a “spiritual high” in a foreign land, but rather engage and equip students to reach their own campus, club, community and church with the Gospel.

Our materials help provide a framework for a mission trip that is a catalytic event in the lives of students and leaders to empower the other 51 weeks beyond the trip. We believe that well-trained participants are able to go on their venture, engage the people of that culture with the message of Christ, and return with spiritual confidence and a heart for the lost in their own hometown.

Youthmark’s unique mission training strategy is enhanced by an innovative Mission51 Retreat. This annual event has the intensity of a major youth rally but the intimacy of personalized training. Each year our Mission51 Retreat is based on a new theme and focuses on what it means to work in unison to take the Good News of Jesus to all people.

In addition to mission venture related Mission51 materials and the retreat, Youthmark is developing a series of Mission51 Resources that will soon be released!

Training Package

Retreat, Training, Devotionals and Follow-Up for as little as $90-$110!

The Strategy Plus Package gets you the before, during and after mission trip curriculum and the Mission51 Retreat for as little as $90-$110.

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Mission51 Retreat Dates

Misssion51 Retreat Dates and Locations:
March 14-15 San Diego
March 21-22 Northern California
April 4-5 Denver
April 11-12 Kansas City
May 2-3 Seattle
May 9-10 Seattle
May 16-17 Portland

The Mission51 Retreat is a 24 hour strategic evangelism and training event. Held at a local camp, our time is filled with worship, training, team times and hands-on application to prepare students for the 51 weeks of mission outside of the mission trip!



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