Youthmark has become known for its Mission51 strategy. We believe the one-week mission trip serves as a catalyst for what can and should take place the other 51 weeks of the year! Our trips come complete with a training package for before, during and after the mission.

Here is where you can choose your location based on Youthmark offerings and receive ALL of the before, during and after mission materials!

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New For 2012!

Want to choose your own destination but want to tap into all Youthmark's training for before, during and after the trip? Prep & Connect is for you!
This is also a great option if you don't have a destination but simply need some help with location selection.

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Here you may purchase any independent element of Youthmark’s training resources and/or register for a Mission51 retreat in your area.

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“The prep book, devo's and retreat did more to prepare us for life than they did the trip; we can't wait for the 2012 missions and materials” - Youth Pastor Ben Potloff